📌Welcome to PinBot!

Thanks for your interest in our lil' bot.

What the heck is a PinBot?

PinBot is an easy-to-use Discord bot which allows server managers and members to collect important and/or memorable messages (or messages of any kind) in a dedicated "pinboard channel".

Originally created in 2020, PinBot has been trusted by thousands of Server Admins. In May 2023, PinBot was re-written from the ground up to add new features and improvements.

Aside from the obvious features such as pinning by reaction and voting, this method of "pinning" messages is often cited by Server Admins who use PinBot as a better alternative than the native Discord message pinning functionality for a few reasons:

  • Pinboards give server members the ability to interact with each pinned message via reactions and replies

  • Messages can be pinned from multiple different channels into one centralized location

  • Server members do not require Manage Messages permissions to pin a message

  • PinBot is not subject to Discord's per-channel message pin limit of 50 messages

Ready to start using PinBot? Let's learn more about how the bot works and how to add it to your Discord server in the next section.

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